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review satisfyer 1 my tickle trunk

Welcome to Satisfyer week on My Tickle Trunk! This week I’ll be publishing a record-breaking FOUR reviews to complete my collection of Satisfyer toys, finishing off with a round-up post comparing all five models, and to help you decide which one is right for you!

Since the concept of the Satisfyer remains the same across the board – air-based clitoral stimulation – each review will be comparatively brief, outlining the differences between models and my general experiences with that particular toy. Enjoy!

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Satisfyer Pro 2
Satisfyer Pro Penguin
Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

review satisfyer 1 my tickle trunk

I’m always impressed by any toy that operates on removable batteries and is still completely waterproof, and the Satisfyer 1 is one of two models that holds this unique feature. Satisfyer themselves claim that this feature makes it very travel-friendly – the ability to be used in all countries, regardless of voltage or outlet – but with Satisfyer’s universal USB charging cable in their rechargeable models, it just seems like a weird gimmick that pays off in no way. In short: the only way Satisfyer 1 and 2 have an advantage over their rechargeable counterparts is in price; if you were looking for an entry-level Satisfyer, then you might consider one of these. However, I’d like to argue that it just isn’t worth the gamble.

review satisfyer 1 my tickle trunkI tried it for the first time in the bath, and not with much success. However, I’ve mentioned before that me and bath masturbation have a tricky relationship, so I thought nothing of it. But its first use on dry land was when I was staying with my parents, because Satisfyer 1 is MUCH quieter than the Satisfyer 2, and I was devastated to find out that the toy was in fact the problem – not me.

It just lacks power. I cranked that thing all the way to max (which on any other Satisfyer model would leave me squealing and numb) and felt… nothing. Now, I’m not going to discredit it for this fact, because many people simply can’t handle the extreme power and pinpoint sensation of a standard Satisfyer, so perhaps this works for those particularly sensitive folks. But a toy should at least have the option to have a lot of power, as well as the option to not necessarily use it. It just took me nowhere, and I will sleep well at night knowing this will be the Satisfyer that collects dust in my nightstand.

review satisfyer 1 my tickle trunk

It’s not like I only used it once – on my last go, I even replaced the batteries, and found myself just a few steps closer to some semblance of an orgasm… just not for long. I grunted and focused, trying to convince myself to climax, but in the end I got tired of holding my breathe and moved on to bigger and better Satisfyers…

Which one? Stay tuned…

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This product was provided by Satisfyer in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Satisfyer for this contribution.

Satisfyer 1

Satisfyer 1



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