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my tickle trunk satisfyer pro 2 review

I laid back on the couch, panting, holding the Satisfyer Pro 2 in my hand, trying make sense of what the hell had just happened.

When I first got the Satisfyer Pro 2 (which I’m referring to as the Satisfyer from now on for simplicity’s sake), I tried it about half a dozen times without success; the sensation was too intense, too pinpoint, even on the lowest setting (if I’m honest, the 11 settings didn’t seem to vary TOO much). I’d enjoy it for a few seconds, work myself up a bit, then find my entire vulva itchy and overloaded with such a weird tickle and have to remove it. I was feeling pretty bummed that my clitoris wasn’t down with the newest revolution in clitoral pleasure; I wanted so much to like it!

Then one night, I touted a few new toys out to the living room to have myself a fun night in, and grabbed the Satisfyer on a “well why not” whim. I started off with it through a pair of nylon & spandex panties, thinking the underwear might take the edge off. Sure enough, the itchiness never came, and within a minute I found my entire body trembling, barely able to keep my eyes open or my voice down. Even in the moment I found myself thinking “what the HELL” as my entire body orgasmed, minute after minute. It took no time to get me there, but when I did, I stayed a good long while; my orgasms don’t last particularly long, but this one was a workout.

my tickle trunk satisfyer pro 2 review

So all those weeks of disappointment and “why don’t you like me?!” melted away in an ethereal afterglow that is typically only reserved for lovers. Imagine the most intense, physically labourious, mind-blowing sex you’ve had – the one where you lay next to each other, staring at the ceiling, with no words and only the occasional “fuck” to sum up the last half hour. A few minutes alone with the Satisfyer had me gasping for air on the couch, trying to wrap my mind around how any toy could make me feel like I’d just had the best sex of my life. Not orgasm – sex.

The orgasm WAS different though. My orgasms when I’m alone compared with when I’m with a partner are night and day, and this particular toy gives me the partner kind, the kind that gives me no control and just makes me want to cum and cum. When I’m alone I’m one and done; when I’m with a partner (or my new partner, the Satisfyer) I can be encouraged to keep going.

my tickle trunk satisfyer pro 2 reviewWhen I was having difficulty trying to enjoy it, I found myself Googling reviews of the Satisfyer, trying to see if anyone had the same problem, and more importantly, trying to see if there was something I could do to solve it (with no luck). So in case you’re here for that purpose, here are the things that I think made me go from no-to-whoa.

  • Underwear. And maybe not just underwear, but nylon/spandex underwear. I found cotton was too thick and maybe dulled the sensation, but on my straight skin it tingled too much. I think the nylon just took the edge off of the buzz, and allowed me to feel the pulsating ai4 sensation without irritation.
  • Porn. I think because it’s such a strong feeling, it’s good to have my attention on something else while I’m using it. I’ve only ever been able to use this successfully while watching porn and being incredibly turned on, so that may be important.
  • Don’t put it DIRECTLY on your clit. At least not for me. I put it about halfway up my clitoral hood for extra insulation but good, targeted stimulation. Sometimes even a bit off to the side. And if you’re like me and have sizeable labia majora, then you’ll find straddling that as well as your clit with this toy will give a subtler version of the sensation.

If I paired this with the Fun Factory Stronic Eins, it would be the ultimate lazy girl’s masturbation session. With the new sensation of moving air (and kind of suction) as opposed to standard vibration, the feeling is different and varied enough that no movement of the head was needed. Just apply to clit, maybe wriggle it around if that’s your thing, but no need to move it from the one location once it’s in place.

my tickle trunk satisfyer pro 2 review

Yes, I had to work for it. But once it paid off and I found out what worked for me, it was SO worth it. Pinpoint stimulation isn’t always my thing, and this is super pinpoint, so it was about figuring out how to broaden it out a little. It may take you some time to figure out in what way you’re able to use the Satisfyer, but I totally recommend it as a pulsating clitoral stimulator.

Any long-time readers will notice that I nearly never test toys in water. I love baths, and I love masturbation, but together, it’s just never worked out. Well, upon reading that the Satisfyer was waterproof (and being both shocked and skeptical, given its design), I decided to give it a go. Chalk up another surprise victory for the Satisfyer because you are looking at the one and only toy that has made me come in the bath! Go Satisfyer!

Another Update: I’ve reviewed the other four Satisfyer models too! Read all my reviews of the Satisfyer family here, or read my round-up to figure out which model is right for you.

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Satisfyer 2
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This product was provided by Satisfyer in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Satisfyer for this contribution.

Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer Pro 2




    • Strong Orgasms
    • Little Movement Needed
    • Pinpoint Stimulation
    • Good Battery Life


    • Very Intense
    • Loud

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