Review: Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Stimulator Review My Tickle Trunk

I’ve never been much for forced orgasms and I never really thought it was something of which I was capable. If I want to cum, I’ll cum, but forcing me just isn’t going to work. That said, when I finally, mercifully came using this toy, it felt like Satisfyer Pro Penguin was holding me by the neck and forcing me to orgasm, no matter how exhausted and unable to breathe I was.

My positioning for an orgasm is crucial. For the longest time, I could only cum either laying face-down on the bed, or propped against a dresser, applying all my body’s weight to my right hand, pressuring my clit. Eventually, that changed as I learned how to work my G-spot, and I was able to cum laying face-up like most people (with the assistance of toys). But in the majority of these situations, my legs need to be totally outstretched in order to reach climax, so there were still limitations… until the little Penguin waddled along.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Stimulator Review My Tickle Trunk

I sat there, cross-legged on the bed, with the Penguin stuck between some buttons on my corgi onesie. My usual brand of raunchy porn played on my laptop as I reached for my delightfully colourful Penguin to relieve myself and not even bothered to change position before attacking my clit with its hollow, pink figure. It puttered away, sucking and flicking air with excruciating precision. I gasped, I held my breathe, I let out a bit of a whimper, as the build up to climax went higher than I ever thought possible. The orgasm was the most literal sexual release I ever could have asked for; it’s intense. All Satisfyer orgasms are on the intense side, but time after time, this one has me begging for mercy while begging for it not to stop.

The volume of the Penguin is also exceptional – for the ratio of sound to function, I would say this is most worth it. The sound isn’t too loud at all, probably in the top 2 quietest of the lineup, and any sound can be muffled with a duvet cover and a closed door. This model definitely wins among all five Satisfyer models for style, with its adorable physique and stylish colour that is capable of making even me lust after a pink sex toy. But let’s be honest… it WAS modelled after Birdo from Super Mario Bros 2, right?

Birdo from Super Mario Bros

Let’s talk about Birdo for a second, because the more I read, the more I’m not even joking with this presumption. I Googled Birdo just to get a picture for this review, and came upon this site, discussing how Birdo is the first transsexual video game character!

Birdo, as described in the original first edition manual:
“He thinks he is a girl and he spits eggs from his mouth. He’d rather be called ‘Birdetta.'”

So, this sex toy looks EXACTLY like Birdo; the shape, the white patch, the colours, and of course, the concave face. And it turns out that Birdo is a revolutionary in the video games & sex community! To have such a unique toy resemble such a unique character with an appropriate background seemed too good too be true.

Because I refuse to ignore a coincidence that big, I actually had the nerve to get in touch with Satisfyer and ask if it was, indeed, inspired by Birdo. Yes, remember this moment, folks. The first time I ever reached out to a sex toy company for comment was not about safety, price, policies, or anything that really, truly impacts our community. No, it was to ask about a sex toy looking like a video game character. Really just a general guide for this entire blog.

Anyway, the folks at Satisfyer are good sports and didn’t give me the e-mail equivalent of a dirty look. In fact, they appeased my request with good humour and answered my burning, highly journalistic question…

“It really is random that they look similar… but we choose our design because of ergonomic and aesthetic reasons”

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Stimulator Review My Tickle Trunk

So it looks like the design of the Pro Penguin is purely coincidental in its nature, but I still very much appreciate the unintentional homage to the great video game revolutionary that is Birdo.

Welcome to Satisfyer week on My Tickle Trunk! This week I’ll be publishing a record-breaking FOUR reviews to complete my collection of Satisfyer toys, finishing off with a round-up post comparing all five models, and to help you decide which one is right for you!

Since the concept of the Satisfyer remains the same across the board – air-based clitoral stimulation – each review will be comparatively brief, outlining the differences between models and my general experiences with that particular toy. Enjoy!

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Buy the Satisfyer Pro Penguin from Peepshow Toys

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This product was provided by Satisfyer in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Satisfyer for this contribution.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Satisfyer Pro Penguin





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