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my tickle trunk simon peg hole punch toys review

How could I resist the chance to say that I fucked Simon Peg(g)?

Browsing through Hole Punch Toys’ website, it was hard to choose just one unique, platinum cure silicone toy – carrot butt plugs, spaceship dildos, little butt radishes – but the name alone stood out to me, in addition to a pegging-friendly shape. Simon Peg comes in blue, purple, black, and pink – which I have – but not only is the in-person colour more vibrant, it also falls a bit more on the side of neon red than pink (which I prefer)

Hole Punch Toys “makes toys that fill the gap between art and plaything. Toys that look as fun as they are fun to play with” – and this experience begins as soon as you receive your package. On the customs form was written “silicone sculpture” – the clever wording gave me a smirk. After that the dildo is packaged in a small shipping tube with unique Hole Punch branding, and included a little Hole Punch sticker (as well as a little ‘thank you’ note from Colin with a hand-drawn Simon Peg)

my tickle trunk simon peg hole punch toys reviewIt’s mentioned on their website that seams and imperfections may be visible – the mark of a small-batch, handmade product – but my Simon Peg is absolutely flawless. The silicone was much softer than I expected, and it was lovely. The listing refers to it as “stiff silicone” and in the main photo you can almost see a gleam reflecting off of what looks like a very firm surface, however Simon Peg is very flexible, while still upholding its firm, butt-friendly shape. As the first dildo I’ve ever put into my ASLAN strap-on harness, I couldn’t stop flipping the soft silicone around and slapping my own thighs with it; since it bends easily, this also means that it won’t cause discomfort if it ends up being too long for anal use. Thrust away!

Speaking of harness use, it fits rather well despite its petite form, not moving around too much, and the base is flat yet wide enough that I can slide a little clit vibe in behind it and hold it in as I thrust. The silicone isn’t too clingy either, which meant no pubic hairs getting dragged along the back of it during strap-on sex.

So beauty aside, with such a basic shape, I have to admit that my expectations were low; I mean, it’s basically a stick with some pretty unspectacular ridges, right?

Stick it in your butt before you start spreading slander like that you plebeian.

Those tiny little ridges are the best damn thing to happen to my anus. As someone who enjoys anal play, but whose perverted mind writes cheques that my ass can’t cash, the barely there asymmetrical ridges are the absolutely perfect stimulation when used anally and they feel AWESOME in their subtlety. The ridges and overall size especially make it good for pegging (I know, who knew?) since you can thrust into your partner with enthusiasm without worry of going too deep or providing too much sensation, like a more obviously textured toy might have.

my tickle trunk simon peg hole punch toys review

As for vaginal use, I can use this much like I use my Tantus Sport – it’s a good placeholder. If I’m doing anal play and for some reason Simon Peg isn’t the chosen one for my bum, it’s a nice complement to take vaginally without getting TOO full. That said, I will most likely reserve this for my bum.

I can’t recommend this enough for anal use, especially pegging; it’s more exciting than a standard pegging dildo, but not trying to be too huge or too textured. It’s also great for anal newbies (or picky butts like myself), as it’s smaller than an average penis, but larger than your beginner butt plug. Go for it – fuck Simon Peg.

my tickle trunk simon peg hole punch toys review

Had to.

You can buy the Simon Peg at Come As You Are

come as you are logo on my tickle trunk

This product was provided by Hole Punch Toys in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Colin at Hole Punch Toys for your contribution.

Simon Peg By Hole Punch Toys

Simon Peg By Hole Punch Toys




    • Ridges
    • Very Anal Friendly
    • Great For Pegging
    • High Quality


    • Not For Anal Queens
    • Hole Punch Only Ships US

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