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By now I’ve done enough Sliquid reviews that you probably get the message – OMFG I LOVE SLIQUID. I was truly lucky to find it early on and not have to endure too many bad lube experiences (with the exception of one later on), and I continue to sing its praises. But I thought I’d talk about WHY I like Sliquid Silk, especially in comparison to other Sliquid variations.

First off, I hold this bottle very close to my heart. Literally. When I spotted the vibrant purple bottle and looked at the price tag, I immediately clutched it to my chest in a primal “back off bitches” stance. See, Come As You Are had THE most bonkers sale last month, so bonkers in fact that I drove all the way back to Toronto for it even though I was visiting my boyfriend in another city. I had no intention on really buying anything, because so many sales are advertised in such a generous way, only to be a disappointing 10% off in reality. But oh was I wrong. Between 30% off ALL sex toys & props, and their clearance bins with savings of up to 90% off, I was happy I made the trip. Come As You Are retails Sliquid in the range of $30, and, guys…

I scored this 8.5 oz bottle of Sliquid Silk for $2.

2 goddamn dollars. Canadian dollars. It’s such a good deal that I find myself using it sparingly so that I might hold on to the story of the $2 pot of gold for years to come.

Hey, Weren’t You Supposed To Be Writing A Review?

Sue me, I was Jewish in another life – I love a good deal.

Anyway, this isn’t a far stretch from a previous review for Sliquid Organics Silk, in fact everything I loved about Organics Silk is exactly what I love about Silk. It’s non-sticky, leaves no residue, and if you don’t have the chance to wipe it off after sex, you can feel good knowing that it won’t flake off into your knickers or even worse, cement itself to your pubes. Even better, it’s made with the 100% body-safe ingredients that you can always trust Sliquid to provide – no burning, no irritation, just smooth sailing (hurr hurr)

sliquid silk review my tickle trunkIt’s also a hybrid lube, meaning it’s both water and silicone-based; this beautiful pairing delivers a genuine silicone feel without hurting your silicone toys. In case you aren’t familiar, the two should never be used together, since the silicone particles of both can bond during use and create holes or degrade the material of your precious toy. Pretty much little particles going “hey, we’re the same, come with me!” – y’know?

The feeling is not unlike your own lubrication; after a session with this cloudy white lube and my Pure Wand, I can’t tell the lube apart from my own mess. The silicone makes it longer lasting than water-based lubes, while the water dilutes the purity of silicone, protecting your toys, and also protecting your sheets with this non-staining formula. It’s everything I know and love and think everyone should use (when able). It’s even good for anal play – sometimes I find I’ve done the impossible and added TOO much lube back there, and it’s only happened with Silk. It lasts a good long while before you have to reapply, so perhaps my dream of scoring another bottle in next year’s sale isn’t too far off.

I don’t think you could pay me to say a bad word about Sliquid. I used to think the one negative was the price, but I’d pay good money for my favourite, reliable, safe lube… maybe even $3!

Buy Silk directly from Sliquid in 8.5oz, 4.2oz and the BRAND NEW 2oz travel-friendly size.

Sliquid Intimate Lubricants

Sliquid Silk

Sliquid Silk




    • Body Safe
    • Non-Sticky
    • Toy Safe
    • Long-Lasting
    • Won't Stain


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    1. TrollopWallop says:

      I’m curious to try this one! I currently use Liquid Silk which is another hybrid but I hate the bottle, always leaks (I’ve combated it currently by transferring it into this really cute IKEA glass pump bottle). At $40 (at my local stores) it’s a little pricey though.

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