Review: Synergy Silicone Entice Rabbit Vibe

Elite Silicone Entice Rabbit Vibe review

I have a dirty little secret. Before this vibrator, I never had an orgasm from vaginal stimulation by myself. I’m not saying it’s the Pope of sexual aides (sorry, Father), but I am saying that after years of basically blue-balling myself with fun little toys, this was the one to surprise me.

Of course, it surprised me after like 6 years. Back when I bought this, I had no part of online shopping and lived at home, so I didn’t have the funds to buy your typical rabbit. No rotating tips, beaded shafts, 800 modes and choir upon orgasm for me. This was thinner than I wanted, and the twisties didn’t make much sense, but it was on sale and would allow me to experiment with the rabbit trend.

Elite Silicone Entice Rabbit Vibe review

It boasts being completely waterproof, but most interestingly, it absorbs temperature almost effectively as a glass wand (don’t microwave it please, I can’t afford that lawsuit). This is impressive, since the surface is soft and silky, without being that unpleasant sticky mess that “realistic” vibes try to hit and often miss, essentially becoming a dick-shaped lint roller. This softness combined with the ability to absorb my hand’s temperature as I apply lube is great, since I always found it marginally unpleasant to shove a cold dick up my twat, so this skin-like feeling is nice.

The curved tip is of course very common and very desirable, but I think the clinch for that elusive orgasm is where the vibrations come from here. With the curved G-spot tip, there is a bullet location right in the tip, so the vibrations are exactly where you need them. I applied a bit more force by pushing downward as I was using it so it hit the G-Spot a little harder, and voila!

Bizarrely enough, the rabbit portion of this is not what I ended up needing it for. It’s still very nice to have and certainly helps a gal along, but I could be happy with this vibe without it. But the combination of all this with the 10 functions made for a fantastic time (if only with a medium-quietness rating)

Elite Silicone Entice Rabbit Vibe review

Would I recommend this?

What do you think?

Do you know what it’s like to masturbate for most of your life and suddenly get a new type of orgasm? (For the record, I’ve always been able to with external, just never internal)

So yes, I like it, I’d suggest it. It’s a compact yet powerful little vibe and I’d gladly gift it to friends of mine if they hadn’t told me to stop doing that.

Amazon says this is now upwards of $60 so maybe rabbits were insanely priced back then, or maybe several thousand other women have also had their first vaginal orgasm.

It comes in 3 colours – pink, purple, and white. I have white. There aren’t enough white vibrators if you ask me. It just makes good sense. Plus I hate pink.

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