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my tickle trunk review tantus adam o2

Pay attention folks, because you’re looking at my gold standard to which all future dildos will be compared.

A dildo that upon insertion EVERY time has me moaning “oh GOD I love this thing.” A dildo that were I to be dumped tomorrow, I would seek comfort in knowing I had a damn good second place dick. A dildo that has earned my first and only 10/10 rating – Adam.

You’ve probably seen him before; he’s thick and squishy, with just a bit of a lean – not unlike my drunk Uncle Ian – and dare I say, he hits my G-spot with so much precision that my Pure Wand is off collecting dust. So let’s talk about the dildo that sports the name of one of my oldest friends.

The size and girth are perfect – it actually resembles my man, just a little less thick. With its signature, squishy (yet firm), dual-density 100% platinum-cure silicone, the Adam gets mad points for realistic feel, but the true realistic look leaves something to be lacked if you’re looking for a veritable dick substitute. I for one prefer the semi-realism that this provides, because it gets me off so much better than a real dick. Sorry hun.

my tickle trunk review tantus adam o2The tip sports a detailed hint of frenulum – of which I make a point to fondle every time – while the simulated veins running down the shaft are buried and not coloured any differently from the rest of the toy. The tip has the look of glossy silicone, while the shaft appears to be matte; it’s an unusual look, but the slick, smooth head makes for easy insertion and… well that’s my only guess. It’s a very unusual combination but makes totally sense. All of these unique sensations hold up to a good boiling as well – I felt like I was sending my child off to school for the first time as I dropped my favourite dildo into a pot of boiling water, cleaning up after some anal use. So stressful, but he was a good little soldier (and did I mention he’s good to stand at attention?)

A downside for some might be that its beautiful glossy/matte mix finish is a bit on the sticky side. However, way back in the day of dumb decisions, my favourite dildo was a realistic jelly thing with a sticky finish – as you’ll find on many toxic toys. Throwing it out was necessary (because well, toxic), but I’d never been able to replicate the silky smooth feeling of how it felt in my body… until Adam. It came with a familiar stickiness (despite being made of the finest silicone west of the Mississippi), and the slick silicone texture combined with my beloved Sliquid Silk made for an out-of-this-world realistic experience that slid inside me with so much squish and ease.

But seriously, the G-spot. The firm core and soft coating hammering directly on the pleasure zone makes me wish the male penis had been designed a little more efficiently. With Adam inside me, I can choose if I want to cum in 30 seconds or 10 minutes; I can tickle my G-spot into a light tease, or force an orgasmic confession; the way it seems to connect with the rest of my anatomy has an almost superpower quality to it. I’m a fan of using clit vibes with dildos, but even some light hand play with Adam brings me to climax in a most satisfying way.

my tickle trunk review tantus adam o2

This has honestly been hard to write. Much like when someone asks why I love a partner, I can’t put my finger on it – I just do. I love how he makes me feel, and it’s not a love that can be quantified by mere words.

Adam is my boyfriend. We’re exclusive. In fact we’re more exclusive than my actual boyfriend and me. No one is allowed to share my perfectly sculpted G-spot missile and this is why I doubt he will ever leave the warm cocoon of my nightstand, my vagina, and sometimes my butt.

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Tantus Adam review my tickle trunk

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*Tantus affiliate promo codes were phased out in September 2016. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This product was provided by Tantus in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Tantus for their contribution.

Tantus Adam O2

Tantus Adam O2




    • Dual Density Silicone
    • G-Spot Shape
    • Realistic Feel


    • Sticky

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