Review: Tantus Flex

tantus flex dildo review my tickle trunk

It comes as no surprise to regular readers that DP is my dream fantasy. But it comes as a surprise to me that when it comes to body-safe toys, DP options are few and far between, and unfortunately after trying out the Flex, I’m still left empty in the viable DP toys category.

I’ll jump to the main problem I had with Flex: the anal beads are… distracting. They’re just so small yet perfectly spaced so that I have to feel every single one whether I want to or not. If I want to thrust the dildo, I’m left with no choice but to thrust the beads as well, and with each little * boop boop boop * going in and out of me, it takes away from the rest of the experience and keeps an ongoing dialogue in my brain of “there’s something going in my butt, there’s something going in my butt…”

tantus flex dildo review my tickle trunkBasically, I can’t fantasize. I’ve done DP on myself with toys before, and those have been an ethereal experience on the level of fulfilling fantasies. But this feels like a forced idea, meant to constantly remind you that there’s something in your butt, rather than let you lose yourself in the moment.

Of course, maybe someone wants that. Maybe constantly feeling something going in and out of your anus every second is what gets you off, and there’s no reason that this shouldn’t appeal to someone else – I’d just personally rather it be a smaller dildo instead of the anal beads.

I also don’t love toys that don’t have any sort of curve to naturally fit my vagina. Since Flex’s main shaft is just a straight dildo with a bulbous tip, it doesn’t fit my vagina particularly well, nor does it hit my G-spot. Again, maybe it’s for someone else, but not for me.

The singular pro that I will give it (in addition to it’s pretty light purple hue) is that the vibrations from the included bullet do radiate quite well through the toy. The only other Tantus vibrator that I have is the Tsunami (which I still call a dildo because if it’s run on a bullet, it’s not a damn vibrator), and it barely felt like a vibrator at all for how poorly the silicone carried the vibrations. I was pleasantly surprised at how adding the silly little bullet really did improve the experience (or perhaps my expectations were lying on the ground by now, I dunno).

tantus flex dildo review my tickle trunk

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tantus flex dildo review my tickle trunk

*Tantus affiliate promo codes were phased out in September 2016. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This product was provided by Tantus in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Tantus for their contribution.

Tantus Flex

Tantus Flex




    • Good Vibrations
    • Pretty Colour


    • Beads Too Distracting
    • No G-Spot Stimulation

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    1. Rebsy says:

      Aww, sorry you didn’t like it! I used this the other day, and I have to say that I think this would be a good DP toy for people that are want to start experimenting with that kind of stimulation.

      I think it would be amazing if Tantus made another DP toy, but with a thicker second… appendage? Shaft? Yeah, shaft is probably a better word than appendage XD

      Anyway, good job!

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