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Tantus Ripple my tickle trunk review anal large

To think that I was once prepared to compare this to Romeo seems a bit ridiculous in hindsight, but given the choice between them for the best anal toy, I have to give condolences to the guru of anal wooing; Tantus Ripple is the true butt love guru.

Part-dildo, part-plug, the Ripple is able to appeal to many levels of anal expertise, even in the large size. The head is no larger than a small grape, and it expands from there with the fourth and final bead measuring smaller than a golf ball; my best comparison is to an Eos lip balm, but that might not help every reader of this review.

Tantus Ripple my tickle trunk review anal largeI see two types of beaded anal toys – there are glass toys like my Cal Exotics Dual Probe which put the beads nice and close together, meaning you can do anything from slow sphincter stimulation to full on thrusting with a very comfortable texture. I would say that the Romeo falls into this category.

Then there’s toys like the Ripple – with big, spaced out, expanding bulbs that serve less as a sex toy and more of a stretcher. Not conducive to thrusting or texture-fucking, but an exercise in endurance. I’ve mentioned before that this is a gateway toy when I explore anal sex, and it’s the perfect warm-up tool in helping you select what you can handle. Just getting started? Pop in the top bead a couple times and see how that feels. Ready for more? Push onto the second and thrust very slowly with those two levels to prepare yourself. Then once you’re ready, you can really test yourself with the third and maybe fourth. I for one can’t fit the fourth bulb. It’s not that it’s too big for me, because I think I could take it, but sadly the large Ripple is just too long for me.

The thing I like most about it is that it’s the kind of toy that fills me up like a dildo, but it stays in like a plug. Once I’m at the bulb I want (usually the third), it just kind of holds on while I use other toys on my clitoris or vagina. It feels like I’m being stimulated but without the impracticality of a dildo. I can DP myself to my heart’s content – in fact one of my recent favourite sessions involved the Ripple, my Fun Factory Stronic Eins, and the We-Vibe Rave, in that order. I give Ripple full credit for moving that along to the level that it did.

Tantus Ripple my tickle trunk review anal largeIt does come in a smaller size, but I’d still recommend the large. I’ve talked before about my picky butt and how I’m not usually much of an anal champ, and I still feel like I’d get bored of the small Ripple really quickly. Go with the large, which still provides novice stimulation with room to grow.

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Tantus Ripple my tickle trunk review anal large

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This product was provided by Tantus in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Tantus for their contribution.

Tantus Ripple

Tantus Ripple




    • Good For Novice & Experienced
    • Filling
    • Stays In
    • Good For Warm-up


    • Too Long

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