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my tickle trunk tantus sport dildo review

I must admit, I wanted to hate on this little guy, and I fully expected to find it boring and small. I didn’t even buy the Tantus Sport for myself – I bought it for my boyfriend, thinking small and sleek was a butt’s best friend (we didn’t know his bonkers anal aptitude at this time), but he prefers toys without a bulbous head, so I was left to take in the orphaned dildo.

It has a wee 5.5” in length, a modest girth of 1.25” and as you can imagine, is perfect for butts… but more on that in a moment. First, I want to talk about how this little dude wormed his way into my heart, and my nightstand.

By no means does the Sport fill me up or hammer on my G-spot; it’s just not built as a mind-blowing dildo, but that’s the point. Sometimes it’s exactly what I need when I have a butt plug in and I want some internal stimulation without being packed with a monster dick and feeling toys attacking me from both sides of my vagina. Or sometimes I want to use a clit vibrator, but get a bit of a helping hand from my G-spot; enter Sport. It may not pound away at my G-spot quite like a Pure Wand, but its light and subtle G-spot stim does leave a lasting impression if you’re getting help from somewhere else. He knows what he’s doing, he just doesn’t like to brag about it.

my tickle trunk tantus sport dildo reviewI personally love the shape of the strap-on compatible base; the triangular form makes it easy to hold on to the end while thrusting, as well as giving a way to ensure that the G-spot curve stays locked to its full & upright position (as opposed to some previously mentioned slipping with other toys)

Now, my butt.
Tantus designed the Sport with strap-on play in mind, so of course it’s ready to party out back anytime. I have lofty anal aspirations, however my butt doesn’t share them, so it’s pretty picky about whom it invites in. I’m proud to say that this is was the largest dildo I’ve allowed to pass the ingress of my anus, quaint as it may be, and for that purpose it is a god damn pro. It’s sleek and short enough that it’s a perfect fit for my bum, and I for one like the swollen tip – it serves as a quick tease before getting right down to business.

I love the idea of being DP’d; most likely in real life it wouldn’t live up to the fantasy, but I spend much of my masturbation marathons trying to find any way to cram dick in me and emulate the overwhelming feeling of cock. A look at the pint-sized Sport might make that idea laughable, but for someone whose eyes are bigger than her ass, it fits the bill. I can thrust my ass to my heart’s content with the Sport, and it gives me just as much fullness as I’d want in the back.

my tickle trunk tantus sport dildo review

The sturdy triangular base comes in handy for this reverie as well when lying on my back with the Sport in my bum, propped up by the mattress, and I can gently bounce on it while using my hands to thrust a dildo in my vagina and/or play with my clit. It really is the best of both worlds. The bouncing action alone (while feeling amazing) was enough to creak the bed and put me in a world of fantasy where I could imagine this was actually happening and it brought me to climax within moments.

At this moment I realized that the Sport was… well… an ordinary dildo. For someone like myself who likes to have a lot happening at once, sometimes you just need a bit of a placeholder to simply fill a spot, without overwhelming one with stimulation. I’m sure that seems insulting, but look at the little guy, could you ever say a bad thing about him?

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Tantus Sport

Tantus Sport




    • Great For Anal
    • Good For Smaller Sizes
    • Slick Silicone
    • Gentle Stimulation


    • Petite Size Might Not Be For Everyone

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