Review: Tantus Tsunami

Review Tantus Tsunami My Tickle Trunk

I bought the Tsunami during one of Gabby’s used (sterilized) toy sales and of course read her review on the item before buying. A decent review, with the singular problem being size – something that she admitted has been an issue in the past.
I’m no size queen, but I’ve never had a problem with toys before and I’m going to have to agree with the majority of reviews I’ve found – it’s just too big! I can fit JUST up to the end of the second-to-final ridge; if I push and don’t want any real stimulation from it.

I didn’t find it thin like Bex did, and I also don’t have a shallow vagina; the girth is actually pretty decent at 1.5” across (especially if you can get to the lower ridges) – I just can’t fully fit the length of this toy (at 6.75”). I’ve also mentioned before that my vagina is not that sensitive to texture, but it sure as hell knew when this was coming.Review Tantus Tsunami My Tickle Trunk

So, amidst all the warning and criticism, I was still surprised.
I watched a clip of a couple vigorously fucking in front of 50 people; PornHub has these awesome indicators that show where certain positions are and I watched missionary thinking I’d let myself cum at doggystyle (my favourite in porn). As I watched, I fucked using only the first ridge, to give a wake-up call to my vagina, then I inserted the second ridge, finding it only surprising, and then attempted to insert the entire thing – nope! It’s safe to say I can take about ¾ of this on a good day. Instead I started fucking shallowly with the first 2 ridges going in and out and placed my other hand on my clit with some very light stimulation for…. 5 seconds.

Seriously. I feel like I was minding my own business, having a long and luxurious masturbation session to try all the different ways to use it and BAM – orgasm. I sat there with the dildo sitting in me and the still missionary-fucking couple playing on my laptop, feeling vaguely ripped off.
In a good way though. Even as I jacked it I was sitting on my doubts, thinking “pfft, you can’t make me cum” but hey, shut me up.

The included Tantus bullet didn’t do much except give me something else to play with on my clit; I did insert it into the toy to try it out, but it just wasn’t enough to make it all the way to the tip with any real vigor.

Made with shiny silicone (a bit of a lint magnet)­, cleaning seemed like it wouldn’t be a problem. It wasn’t until I was photographing it though that I realized that might have been a broad assumption; if you look closely you can see a patch of white lube stuck under one of the ridges. Oops. So this takes a fair bit of scrubbing in the creases.

So while it loses a point each for sheer size and ease of cleanliness, it gains about 20 for giving me an orgasm when I didn’t even ask for it – cuts down on half my work! Overall – and due in part to the fact that I have so few body-safe dildos – this has made it into my top drawer and thereby I’m pretty happy with the purchase. I do hope to get something a bit less intimidating one of these days, but as a first Tantus purchase, I think I could do a lot worse.

Review Tantus Tsunami My Tickle Trunk


So, weird news. This may be too big for my vagina, but it apparently has some decent use for anal play. Huh?!

It started when my boyfriend wanted a decently sized dildo (much like me, he enjoys challenging himself), and I didn’t really have anything between “Aw that’s cute” and “Um. No.” So to my surprise, he requested this. I called him insane, but obliged his request, and soon he took the whole damn thing and I’m left ruining the moment with “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!”

My mind was boggled, and I was terribly jealous. So one night I gathered up all my anal toys for a butt stuff session, and decided sure, I’ll throw this into the pile. I got horny and ambitious enough (and applied several rounds of my anal relaxant) that eventually, I went for it, and holy shit it worked. The silicone is so firm and slick that it pushes in with full control, and the fact that is has all those (surprisingly non-invasive) ridges means you can slowly build up your size tolerance. The key here really is the silicone, with how smooth it glides along for anal use.

So that’s cool.

Tantus Tsunami

Tantus Tsunami




    • Anal Safe
    • Lots Of Texture
    • G-Spot Stimulation


    • Too Big
    • Silicone Collects Hair

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    1. Ely says:

      I’ve always been eyeing this for deep A-spot stim ever since GJ’s review and all these people saying it’s too long has convinced me. I can reach 7″ fairly easily, although I might find it too small. But that hook curve at the end, I can only imagine how that sneaks up on you.

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