Review: Tantus Uncut #1

my tickle trunk tantus uncut #1 review

The Uncut #1 is my fantasy dildo. When I’m feeling the need to be absolutely stuffed to the gills with cock, I reach for my #1 and large bottle of lube; add a butt plug and you could serve me at Thanksgiving.

I scored my Tantus Uncut #1 in Mocha at the previously mentioned Come As You Are sale, when a Ziploc-wrapped enigma dropped into the discount bin, and its little bounce on landing set off my dildo radar. Sure enough, a floor model version of a glorious, black, uncircumcised penis lay within the plastic bag, adorned with an equally glorious $20 price tag. I recognized the unique design immediately and snapped it up with fervor.

my tickle trunk tantus uncut #1 review


It’s big, so big that I’m glad it’s black. I like when my man and I are getting into it and he asks if I want my big black cock because its ultra-realism gives me no hesitation in referring to it as a cock, and that’s just one thing about it that makes it hot. In true Tantus O2 style, the tip has a satisfying plushness to it, adding to the realism of the intact foreskin, all coated in their ultra-premium matte silicone, decorated with veins, pores, and even wrinkles where the foreskin would appear to settle. I have no problem saying it must be the realistic dildo I have ever seen (particularly in the darker shade). I for one prefer a cut man, but who doesn’t love to hook up with something a little different now and then?

my tickle trunk tantus uncut #1 reviewDue to the foreskin, the tip holds a little more weight than the rest of the dildo. Don’t expect it to stand up. Unlike other dildos where I can set it down for a moment on its flat base, the #1 will just topple over immediately, left unsupported. The insertable length is listed at 7.45” while the impressive girth is a hefty 1.75”

I can fit about 2/3 of the toy, and the thicker tip makes it a bit easier for finding your g-spot, but then gliding right past it due to the sheer size and realism (those damn human penises do it pretty often as well). It does have a slight curve to it, but I almost chalk that up to being such a heavyweight. The heft is noticeable, even when inside you, and it’s part of the realistic experience that Tantus provides, along with the squishy tip that I never not squeeze when I’m about to use it. I’d happily chase around my boyfriend threatening to dick slap him with this titan of realism, so you can even feel safe sleeping next to it.

It may not hit my G-spot much, but the texture of the extra skin and veins provides some very enjoyable stimulation while hammering on my A-spot as it thrusts on in. As I’ve mentioned, my G-spot is a co-dependent slut and can’t go anywhere without its clit-tastic friend, so I can’t judge this on orgasm ability alone. However, having used it several times alone and one mind-blowing time with my man in what felt like Cockapolooza, I would happily let this one stand proud in my Cock Of Fame collection… if only it would stand at all.

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Tantus Uncut #1

Tantus Uncut #1




    • Realistic
    • Plush O2 Silicone
    • Anal Safe


    • May Be Too Large
    • Harder To Wash
    • Doesn't Stand

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    1. Ely says:

      I love your photography for this review, it’s great. Might be a shame that it doesn’t stand up but that girth looks perfect for me and I’m still lusting after the Uncuts. DX Wish I lived in Toronto for CAYA sales like that.

    2. Jessi says:

      Nngh I’ve never tried any tantus silicone and I swear I’m dying to!
      I have a fairly large collection of vibrators, but the only dildo I own is a pure wand… I really think I need some silicone in my life.

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