Review: Vixen Bandit

Vixen Bandit in Vanilla My Tickle Trunk

When it came time to select some dildos to review from the much-loved Vixen, the Mustang was the obvious choice; the adoration is yelled from the rooftops of pretty much every sex blog I’ve encountered, and mine was no different. But surely Vixen isn’t a one-trick pony, and surely there are others dildos that are worth screaming about?

Well the Bandit is aptly named, because it’s stolen my heart *groooaan*
But seriously, this toy deserves some fanfare as well; less G-spot, less squish, but extra firmness coupled significant girth and testicles? Prrr.

Vixen Bandit in Vanilla My Tickle Trunk

It comes in an easy-open clamshell container that can be reused as a form of storage; it may not be as decorative as the Mustang’s cylindrical display case, but it certainly does a good job of keeping the cat hair off the very sticky silicone (a Vixen trait, it seems). The silicone is, of course, the realistic dual-density VixSkin goodness that Vixen has become famous for, except for this is a bit of a firmer variety. It’s the same type of squish as the Mustang, but the firm inner core in the Bandit is thicker (and less tapered), while the soft outer layer is a little bit thinner. This gives us a firmer dildo that still has an aspect of uncanny realism to it – imagine the hardest cock you’ve ever held. It’s like that

Vixen Bandit in Vanilla My Tickle Trunk

The size was my main driver in this choice of dildo, as there just aren’t enough girthy, realistic dildos in the world. Using this dildo is like being filled with a good sized cock; it’s smooth, thick, flexible, and never too much. It doesn’t really taper, but with its slightly pointed tip, this is an excellent dildo if you’re the kind of person who can’t tolerate a particularly defined coronal ridge. The slides in seamlessly, which is perfect for me and my aversion to any variety of texture. While the Mustang has a flexible coronal ridge that felt natural, this one is nearly non-existent, so there’s something for everyone. It feels amazing, it fills me up, and those testicles are a nice touch too (though slightly deflated, aren’t they?)

Vixen Bandit in Vanilla My Tickle TrunkFun fact: this is the dildo that turns me on the most. Every time I think about it, write about it, see it, I have the urge to use it. That can probably be said for a lot of toys for a lot of people, but I can usually be pretty clinical when it comes to discussing sex toys – the Bandit is the only one where I think of it and drop everything for a quickie with it. Does that make it the best sex toy? Who knows. I just know that it’s clearly my vagina’s personal favourite.

Speaking of, I have somewhere to be right now…

Buy the Vixen Bandit from SheVibe

Or shop Canadian at Come As You Arecome as you are logo on my tickle trunk

This product was provided by Vixen Creations in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Vixen for this contribution.

Vixen Bandit

Vixen Bandit




    • Realistic
    • Girthy
    • Testicles
    • Dual-Density Silicone


    • Not G-Spot
    • Sticky

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