Review: Vixen Mustang

Vixen Mustang silicone dildo for a review on my tickle trunk

Remember the Tantus Adam? Remember how it was my gold standard in dildos and nothing would ever get better than that?

Hello, Vixen. It’s no secret that every sex blogger in the history of ever is a big supporter of Vixen Creations and touts the virtues of their dual-density silicone dildos. I read about Vixen for years, skeptical of how good a dildo could really be and thinking that it was all just hyperbole. But this isn’t just another superb adult brand… this is a game changer. My Tantus Uncut was best known for first-rate squish, and the Captain by Pleasure Works was a big leap in realism, but none of them hold a candle to Vixen.

The Mustang design aside, I need you to know that there’s no realism quite like VixSkin. The firm silicone core is virtually undetectable, buried beneath a thick layer of squishy, skin-like silicone that could fool even the most seasoned dick enthusiast like myself. It wiggles around and squishes much like the real thing. While in other dual-density models, it’s easily possible to detect the firm core, the Mustang just feels like pure flesh. And the only thing better than real flesh is when it looks like it was thrown into a bucket of dye with hairbands wrapped around it.

Vixen Mustang silicone dildo for a review on my tickle trunkThe tie-bright was my main reason for wanting a Vixen dildo. The only time I ever long for a visibly realistic dildo is when I’m going through a “give me all the cock” phase and want to shove the dick equivalent of a python up my pussy. Otherwise, I prefer whimsy; my glittery Godmiche Effulgence Adam or Galaxy Ambit spring to mind. I like my dildos to look like the inside of my brain – like a unicorn threw up on it.

When it came to choosing the Mustang in particular, I was basically going on the reputation it had built for itself within the blogger community. In terms of my own preferences, it didn’t look thick enough to fill me up, and I hadn’t had a lot of good experiences with pronounced ridges in other toys. But none of that is important because – and I can’t stress this enough, so yes, I will say it a hundred times – VixSkin changes EVERYTHING. All I had ever wanted in a dido was a realistic coronal ridge that would flex and wiggle like the real thing so that I wouldn’t really be able to feel it. It’s never been done – not in any of my reviews, anyway – but the Mustang delivers. How much you want to feel of that defined tip is entirely up to you and your preferences; if I feel like being teased, I take that toy in and out several times just to feel the tip pass through me again and again. But if I want to go to town and hammer that A-spot like there’s no tomorrow, then I go nuts, and with zero irritation from this awesome texture.

Vixen Mustang silicone dildo for a review on my tickle trunk

The shape is nothing to knock as well. The thing I loved about my beloved Tantus Adam was that it was realistic, yet perfectly curved, which is the one thing the human penis is missing. But this fantasy was a bit out of reach when you consider how rigid the Adam is; a wobble of the Adam would yield only a small wiggle, but the Mustang will flop from side to side and return back to its perfect, G-spotty shape. That said, its flexibility does mean that G-spot stimulation is less like a hammer and more like a gentle stroke. The Mustang doesn’t carve its own path through your vagina, it simply adapts to its surroundings to give you a gentle yet satisfying G-spot orgasm.

Cons? Not many. It’s a personal preference that I simply wish it were thicker, which only leaves it with one universal let-down: the tack. Oh the tack. You would almost think this baby was manufactured using that melted down throw-and-stick hand toys you got from a 25 cent vending machine in the 90’s. This sounds like a dig, but it’s really just what comes to mind when I try to rate the stick-factor. I for one don’t feel the tack once it’s slathered in lube and shoved inside me, but I’ve heard concern from fellow dildo-holics that it can feel a bit unpleasant for some of those sensitive to texture. I have, however, been informed that by adding corn starch, this tack can be eliminated to create an eerie soft, skin-like feel, whether for handjob play, or for storage ease; just make sure to rinse before using internally.

Vixen Mustang silicone dildo for a review on my tickle trunk

The Mustang literally never leaves my nightstand except to go inside of me. Its fantastic, cylindrical, storage-friendly container makes it perfect for displaying prominently while keeping dust away from its sticky yet colourful exterior. It sits proudly on my nightstand, and is literally always the first dildo I reach for, partly due to geographical convenience, but mostly because it’s so squishy that I can take it enjoyably without any vaginal warm-up. It’s the dildo that I’d recommend to someone looking for their first realistic dildo (with, of course, whimsy), no matter their level of sex toy experience. Maybe that’s a grand statement (with a few caveats, I’m sure), but I feel just that confident in this toy.

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This product was provided by Vixen Creations in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Vixen for this contribution.

Vixen Mustang

Vixen Mustang




    • Realistic
    • Colourful
    • G-spot Stimulation
    • Showcase Storage
    • Squishy & Flexible


    • Not Thick
    • Sticky

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