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With my lacklustre Satisfyer 1 experience, the Satisfyer 2 had me hopeful as the next in line for battery-powered clitoral stimulation. However, from the minute I hit the power button on this sleek, medical-looking device, I was sadly disappointed. It’s a sexy little thing; a piece that belongs anywhere from your nightstand to your medicine cabinet, with a long, white appearance that could blend in as a simple ear thermometer. This Satisfyer has the distinct feature of being the only model with 3 buttons – one for power, and two for intensity control. I do like the idea of separate controls, since bypassing your preferred setting can be a real pain in the ass when you need to cycle through all the modes just to find it again. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on what I’d say is the least satisfying Satisfyer there is.

satisfyer 1 review my tickle trunkThe long and short of it is that it’s just too loud to justify; it’s distracting. It’s the second loudest of the Satisfyer series (only because I have a first generation Pro 2 that doesn’t sport the “quiet mode” of the newer remodel), with that little tongue inside flicking back and forth in an audible manner. It generates the sound of an idling 1950’s cruiser, puttering away with a thuddy “po-ta-toe po-ta-toe po-ta-toe” and louder than any powerful wand vibrator I own.

Despite my love of the individual buttons, the power button doesn’t always seem to work, which is fantastic when you’re trying to silently masturbate with the world’s loudest toy and you hear someone coming up the stairs and THE DAMN LOUD TOY WON’T TURN OFF. Laughably though, the power button is terribly easy to turn on, so, at least there’s that?

satisfyer 1 review my tickle trunk

As for the stimulation itself, it ranks as the second worst in the Satisfyer series, coming appropriately after its lame sister, the Satisfyer 1. Considering the sound, you’d think it would have a bit more power behind such a ruckus, but in the sound to power ratio, it comes in with a pretty unsatisfactory result.

satisfyer 1 review my tickle trunk

It’s loud, it’s barely effective, and as of recently it’s even come to light that their idea of removable batteries was a bad one. It looks very pretty and has some great ideas, but I’d never recommend it as a Satisfyer purchase; not when there are much better ones out there…

Welcome to Satisfyer week on My Tickle Trunk! This week I’ll be publishing a record-breaking FOUR reviews to complete my collection of Satisfyer toys, finishing off with a round-up post comparing all five models, and to help you decide which one is right for you!

Since the concept of the Satisfyer remains the same across the board – air-based clitoral stimulation – each review will be comparatively brief, outlining the differences between models and my general experiences with that particular toy. Enjoy!

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This product was provided by Satisfyer in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Satisfyer for this contribution.

Satisfyer 2

Satisfyer 2




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