Sexy Favourites For October

Sexy Favourites For October my tickle trunk

It’s safe to say that I don’t do these every month – only the months that are worth reporting. The last time I did one was for Masturbation May, which ended up being undeniably sexy, but October was definitely return of the sex – huzzah!

I’ve got a lot in the works right now (as you’ll see from the several cliffhanger highlights included here), so you can count on another one of these next month, when I finally pull the time out of my ass to post my current works in progress.

Highlights Of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2016 chaturbate melody kush

Interview With Melody Kush
This month, I wrote an extensive piece discussing the intricate relationships within the cam industry (coming soon!), and Canada’s own Melody Kush was nice enough to let me ask her a few questions to help me out! I even met up with her at the Everything To Do With Sex Show and she’s the sweetest thing ever! I’ll be posting the full interview on the blog soon, so keep an eye out for that!

la petite mort my tickle trunk

Interview With Cailey of La Petite Mort
I met so many lovely sex-pos folk this month, one of which is the founder and entrepreneur behind La Petite Mort! Through a Bunz trade, I heard about Cailey’s awesome, body-safe, and well-curated store that’s based right here in Toronto! So of course I had to sit down to pick her brain about the basis of her store and discuss our mutual love of cats. That interview is also coming soon, but go check out her amazing selection of quality toys and sexy art!

my tickle trunk everything to do with sex show 

The Everything To Do With Sex Show
I discuss this extensively in not one, but two blog posts that are dedicated to the highs and lows of the 17th Everything To Do With Sex Show in Toronto. It may not have been the best year, but I did have a good time being surrounded by like-minded businesses and individuals.

club m4 menage a quatre my tickle trunk review oasis

Put On A Show At M4
I’ve reviewed M4 sex club before, but our second time there was much more eventful. I encourage you to read the full story here (my first erotic story!), but it’s a whole lot of exhibitionism and whore worship.

my tickle trunk going off birth control

Went Off The Pill
Hard for this to be a favourite, but I’m basking in the flow of hormones that aren’t altered by medicine, and October felt like the first month since May that I felt sexual again. I may post a full breakdown of what it was like to go off birth control, I may not, but either way, I’m relieved to feel more like myself and be more emotionally balanced. I’ll be meeting with my doctor this upcoming month to discuss other low-hormone birth control options, so I hope I can hold onto this feeling (amidst the horrible experience of condoms)

i love stretch marks - body positive my tickle trunk

Body Positivity
In October, I launched a blog series that I hope will inspire others, as well as inspire myself, to love our bodies. I’ve got a lot of ideas to explore our various physical hang-ups and how we can not only learn to accept them, but learn to love them, and I hope to turn this into an amazing journey.

Njoy Pure Wand review + Squirting my tickle trunk

Pure Wand
Going from nay to HEY, I really discovered he beauty of the Pure Wand this month, so much so that my sofa is still paying the price. If you want to know if it’s even possible for you to squirt, this is the toy you need. Read more about my messy adventures with this gorgeous hunk of metal here

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