Review: Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant

Sliquid Organics Silk Sliquid Organics SilkWater & silicone based hybrid lubricant review

I don’t remember a time before my Sliquids. I don’t really want to. All I remember is lying there after sex thinking, “oh God get it off me”, and I wasn’t talking about the guy.

I received this lube as a review item years ago, and honestly, I’ve just finished the bottle. I remember the first time I used it, I had paired it with the Lovemoiselle Noemie Ceramic Dildo (which I won’t review because I had no idea how to use it back then), closed the blinds, and locked my bedroom door. I was very rudely interrupted by my now-ex-boyfriend who decided to pop in and mock me for masturbating. Needless to say, he didn’t finish the job, so I had to walk around for a few hours with this lube still on.

I didn’t even feel it. Even later, when I thought I best wash it off, there was no trace. No flakes, no stickiness, no smell. I was impressed far more than I should have been with a liquid sex aide, but to find something that leaves no evidence is rare.

Before this, I tried water-based brands like Joe H20; their watery imagery lead me to believe it’d be a clean product that was easily wiped away. However, just because a lube is clear doesn’t mean it’s clean; Sliquids Organic Silk is a cloudy white that was at first off-putting, but with no residue and no staining, it’s perfect.

One con/tip: if you’re using this for sex, make sure all your oral is out of the way before applying. If you’re like me and like to go back and forth a bit, you’ll find this lube tastes like, well, lube. Not flavoured, not even tolerable, it’s like licking a battery.

The rules of lube say to not use silicone lubes on toys, but I used hybrid this for years with regular washing and they’re still as good as ever. Overall, a perfect lube. Organic, vegan friendly, and with lots of healthy moisturizing stuff.

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