Review: Big Oh! Box Q4 2016

big oh! box sex toy subscription my tickle trunk review

This review is so late that I’m truly ashamed, so a big shout out to Big Oh! Box for being patient with me and not throwing me into the fires of hell. Obviously you can’t get this specific box anymore, but much like my previous reviews of Big Oh!, I more aim to provide an idea of their selection and quality than I do to push certain products. That said, I’m going to do this a bit more in a review-style format, because I have feelings on certain products.

As mentioned before, the boxes seem to come with a built-in theme of the quarter, and this quarter’s theme was something I haven’t had much of a chance to explore: sensation play. It was packed in its usual plain black box with branded interior – which my cat once again fell in love with – and wrapped in their trademark red tissue paper. I haven’t subscribed to a subscription box for a while, but I really never get tired of feeling like I’m opening a present, which is a unique experience that Big Oh! Box continually provides over other guys.


Review: Blush Villain Audre

my tickle trunk blush villain audre review

Given the slew of glowing reviews that Audre by Blush Novelties has collected, I’m surprised with my level of disappointment that I have to write something even less than immaculate.

It was a beauty. I had of course seen photos of the Parisian-style packaging that embraced the clean, soft silicone form (primarily because mine took a month to ship). Vibrating G-spot toys may not be my drug of choice these days, but I do love a good one to dabble with once in a while, and I can’t deny that with the right clitoral stimulation, they get the job done.


Review: Blush Aria Hue G

Blush Hue G Review My Tickle Trunk

Ever since I confirmed my own existence of a G-spot last summer, I’ve been whoring around with every curved vibrating object that will fit in my vagina. Much like my cat’s fascination with his decorative genitals, I can’t seem to stay away from this seemingly new sensation (which will happen when the previous 27 years were clit-tastic), so when someone offers me a new G-spot toy, well, come on.

The Hue G by Blush combines many of my all-time favourites – G-spot action, fun colours, and a classic pun. That said, the pun doesn’t accurately reflect the Hue G – it is not, in fact, huge (GET IT?). This compact little G-spot vibe just has a way of narrowing in on the sweet spot without any extra bulk; very compact and flexible. It’s waterproof and made with body-safe silicone with surprisingly rumbly vibrations resonating all the way through the device – impressive for the little AAA batteries it sports.


Review: Blush Bonne Beads

blush bonne beads sex toy review kegel balls

I do love masturbation, but sometimes it’s nice to know that I’m testing out a toy with no time commitment required. This is how lazy I can be. Too lethargic to cum.

After using a few of Blush’s products over the last couple weeks, I’ve determined that they’re an excellent, affordable way to ease into sex toys. Perhaps it was just the materials I was given, but I’ve found each item to be excellent for beginners. Of course I’m not a beginner, but when I was starting out, looking at a wall of dicks was intimidating, let alone the fact that they were priced upwards of my monthly mobile bill (I live in Canada – ‘nuff said). Blush is a reasonable price point for toys (Bonne Beads are $10.56 MSRP) that don’t break on the first go (I’m talking to you, crappy bullet manufacturers)


Review: Blush G-Slim Vibrator

Blush novelties g-slim vibrator review

As previously mentioned, I love a good G-spot vibe. Since my first unexpected vibrator-induced orgasm, I’ve put a big focus on toys that are zeroed in on this pleasure zone (that I’m ashamed to admit I was starting to give up on). One quick look at the G-Slim vibe with its bulbous head told me that this was a vibe with only that pleasure in mind. Plus, my affinity for the seldom-seen white sex toys.

I received this item as a part of my Lustco goody box, along with a few other Blush goodies. Having spent enough time browsing sex toy websites, the shape of this toy immediately reminded me of the Dr. Joel Kaplen Prostate Massager, but one look at my boyfriend’s face upon this suggestion confirmed that this one would be totally up to me.