Review: California Exotics Inspire Remote Teaser

California Exotics Inspire Teaser my tickle trunk review

I keep reading great reviews of the Cal Exotics Inspire line, but obviously I just chose the wrong products, because for fuck’s sake, this thing is bad. If you’re in a hurry, I’ll save you a couple paragraphs: a dying housefly could fall into my pants and buzz away in its last moments of life and it would be about as pleasant as the Inspire Teaser.

Much like I mentioned with the Inspire Wand, it just looks so pretty, and its “travel & tease”-friendly demeanour intrigued me. My man has always been interested in a panty-play toy that we could sneak around with in public, but he’s never even seen this thing, because it doesn’t work.


Review: California Exotics Inspire Ultimate Wand

california exotics inspire ultimate vibrating wand review my tickle trunk

Oh, California Exotics. One of my first reviews was of the Entice Hope – a little egg vibe by CalExotics – and it wasn’t so bad, but I did feel like the company was capable of more in their products. I saw no reason why they couldn’t make good toys, and while the Entice Hope was fine, it’s the highest praise I’ve been able to give them so far. I’m kind of throwing up my hands at this point.

The Inspire line by California Exotics seemed different. Everything is covered in a pastel pink layer of satin-finish silicone, and proceeds from these products are donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. The variety within this line toys was intriguing, including a teaser, an arouser, and even a breast massager – all products that are meant to evoke arousal and therapy following the trauma of breast cancer. One of my chosen products was the Ultimate Wand, and as someone who’s constantly on the journey to find a good, compact wand, I was excited by its appearance and hopeful of its potential.


Review: Big Oh! Box + Booty Box

my tickle trunk review big oh! box booty subscription

Big Oh! Box has thrown their hat into the adult subscription box game and they’ve done so with class and diverse, sex-positive options. In their subscription service, you will have the choice between “With Oh! Friend” and “Sol-Oh!” – boxes tailored for partnered and individual use, respectively. Following this selection, you get to customize your box by choosing your pleasure; dual stimulation, vibrator, back door, or male stroker – I really love their level of customization, and not restricting it to a specific gender.


Review: California Exotics Impress Dove


When Gimmicks Bomb
I’m all for reinventing the wheel… as long as it’s not replaced with a hedgehog. Every once in a while a perfectly fine piece of equipment like a microwave or a mobile phone will come out with a feature that makes it SO different, but that model will crash and burn because this new little gimmick basically ruined everything else about it that was functioning just as it was.

Enter the (un)Impress Dove. I find Cal Exotics can be hit or miss, but this one emerged from my Big Oh! Box, a vision of silky smooth silicone in a beautiful robin’s egg blue, promising a unique dual-stimulation experience with its delicate little tulip arm for clitoral pleasure. An insertable 4.25” is adorned with an external stimulator and 12 functions for vibration and pulsation between its two motors. Taking it out the box, my hand * squished * on part of the handle and I was taken aback before allowing a second look at the box. “Pressure Sensitive Control” – was that what this plush pocket of air was? A look through the directions gave me no specific indication, so one could only assume. After the 3 seconds of “oh that’s a cool idea” I began to think “so… I have to keep my thumb in the same spot with the same pressure while I’m getting off?” – already this seemed like a bad idea.


Review: California Exotics Inked Glass Dual Probe


California Exotics Inked Glass Dual Probe My Tickle Trunk

No words.

It might be inconvenient, given that blogs typically must contain them, but words truly evaded me with this toy.

It stuns me as much as anyone that my new favourite toy falls outside the vibrator family, but I’m also very upset with myself that I’ve waited this long to even explore glass toys. The price always seemed too much, and the inflexible material didn’t appeal to me at all, but now I’m jumping on the bandwagon because DAMN.

I’ve recently dived head-first into the world of anal play, and introducing one’s bum to that world takes a special kind of toy. I had tried one previous glass dildo that featured a few too many adornments to allow such passage through one’s anus, so I wanted something smooth. In my search for something budget- and ass-friendly, California Exotics delivered a two-ended option that seem absolutely perfect for two kinds of assplay – beads to work the sphincter (and in my case, some needed stretching), and a smooth shaft for full-on fucking with silky smooth glass.


Review: California Exotics Entice Hope Vibrator

California Exotics Entice Hope Vibrator Egg Review

When browsing for new toys, I usually look for something I don’t yet have, and when I stumbled upon the Entice Hope vibe, I was intrigued with the idea of an egg-style vibe. Frequently my man will want to tease me or full on make me cum while doing so, and an egg with a long, corded remote seemed like the perfect tool to do so.

It’s feminine and colourful, with a hard plastic shell in deep purple, accented with metallic gold, and connected by a 2-foot cord. Some people don’t like the idea of a cord, but I don’t have any objections. What could I possibly be doing where 2 feet of give isn’t enough?
What surprised me is that it’s waterproof, so it didn’t fry when I washed the egg and cord with liberal soap & water. My innocence is still maintained by saving bath time for rubber ducks instead of rubber dildos, so being waterproof isn’t really my first priority.