Review: MEO HurtMe Deluxe Swatter With Anal Ball

MEO HurtMe Deluxe Swatter With Anal Ball my tickle trunk review


There’s the onomatopoeic, all-encapsulating buzzword for this review. A sound that’s thick, sticking to your skin like honey, yet cuts through you like a red-hot knife. It’s the word that immediately popped into my head as I handled this MEO Swatter for the first time, palming the flexible leather and grasping my fingertips over the cold, metal anal ball handle. It was also the word that was forced through my body the first time this toy was thrust against my bottom.

Having tested it out on my arm earlier in the day, I laid over the bed, bottom up, and closed my eyes, awaiting the delicious sting of a new toy… but not before yelling “BE GENTLE.”


MEO Berlin Wrist & Ankle Restraints

MEO Berlin Wrist & Ankle Restraints my tickle trunk review

Ever since I watched my boyfriend ooo and aaah at a pair of cushioned leather restraints at last year’s sex show, I knew a pair would find a way into in our life eventually.

However, my excitement to finally have a plush pair of leather cuffs like this Berlin set from MEO was killed by the realization that they didn’t come with the D-hooks to tie them together (not sure if D-hooks is the right term, but it’s what I got). So my restraints were really just… cuffs. I was a little annoyed, but I did go to the hardware store and drop a couple dollars on this staple so that I get could started.


Review: MEO Cock Candy

meo cock candy lube review my tickle trunk

I like a good blowjob, and it’s a concept that needs little improvement. But much like eating your favourite food for years on end, you might want to change up the flavour of the week. Perhaps you love the taste of dick, but perhaps you also love piña coladas.

The aptly named MEO Cock Candy set comes in a nifty clear flight bag for easy storage and transport, with 5 colourful bottles of trial-sized, flavoured lubricant (in vanilla, piña colada, strawberry kiwi, strawberry, and cherry). I’ve mentioned previously that I’m not huge into flavoured lubes, but I’m game for anything that’ll make my boyfriend’s penis into an ice cream sundae.