Review: Satisfyer Pro 2

my tickle trunk satisfyer pro 2 review

I laid back on the couch, panting, holding the Satisfyer Pro 2 in my hand, trying make sense of what the hell had just happened.

When I first got the Satisfyer Pro 2 (which I’m referring to as the Satisfyer from now on for simplicity’s sake), I tried it about half a dozen times without success; the sensation was too intense, too pinpoint, even on the lowest setting (if I’m honest, the 11 settings didn’t seem to vary TOO much). I’d enjoy it for a few seconds, work myself up a bit, then find my entire vulva itchy and overloaded with such a weird tickle and have to remove it. I was feeling pretty bummed that my clitoris wasn’t down with the newest revolution in clitoral pleasure; I wanted so much to like it!


Review: Tantus Ripple

Tantus Ripple my tickle trunk review anal large

To think that I was once prepared to compare this to Romeo seems a bit ridiculous in hindsight, but given the choice between them for the best anal toy, I have to give condolences to the guru of anal wooing; Tantus Ripple is the true butt love guru.

Part-dildo, part-plug, the Ripple is able to appeal to many levels of anal expertise, even in the large size. The head is no larger than a small grape, and it expands from there with the fourth and final bead measuring smaller than a golf ball; my best comparison is to an Eos lip balm, but that might not help every reader of this review.


Review: Tantus Adam O2

my tickle trunk review tantus adam o2

Pay attention folks, because you’re looking at my gold standard to which all future dildos will be compared.

A dildo that upon insertion EVERY time has me moaning “oh GOD I love this thing.” A dildo that were I to be dumped tomorrow, I would seek comfort in knowing I had a damn good second place dick. A dildo that has earned my first and only 10/10 rating – Adam.

You’ve probably seen him before; he’s thick and squishy, with just a bit of a lean – not unlike my drunk Uncle Ian – and dare I say, he hits my G-spot with so much precision that my Pure Wand is off collecting dust. So let’s talk about the dildo that sports the name of one of my oldest friends.


Review: Simon Peg by Holepunch Toys

my tickle trunk simon peg hole punch toys review

How could I resist the chance to say that I fucked Simon Peg(g)?

Browsing through Hole Punch Toys’ website, it was hard to choose just one unique, platinum cure silicone toy – carrot butt plugs, spaceship dildos, little butt radishes – but the name alone stood out to me, in addition to a pegging-friendly shape. Simon Peg comes in blue, purple, black, and pink – which I have – but not only is the in-person colour more vibrant, it also falls a bit more on the side of neon red than pink (which I prefer)


Review: Spartacus Red Leather Heart Bat

my tickle trunk Spartacus Red Leather Heart Bat review

I’m already the proud owner of a riding crop. I love the look of a crop; the image of authority it brings, the power, and the stings that sears itself into your skin with each gasping blow. But as I stood in the bondage section of a local sex shop, holding the Spartacus Red Leather Heart Bat, it awoke a new disciplinary urge in me. My boyfriend was bouncing around between floggers and ball gags and nipple clamps (oh my), while I just stood in place, staring at this beautiful symbol of sexuality and control, gripping its rigid form in my hand.


Review: Sliquid Silk

sliquid silk review my tickle trunk

By now I’ve done enough Sliquid reviews that you probably get the message – OMFG I LOVE SLIQUID. I was truly lucky to find it early on and not have to endure too many bad lube experiences (with the exception of one later on), and I continue to sing its praises. But I thought I’d talk about WHY I like Sliquid Silk, especially in comparison to other Sliquid variations.

First off, I hold this bottle very close to my heart. Literally. When I spotted the vibrant purple bottle and looked at the price tag, I immediately clutched it to my chest in a primal “back off bitches” stance. See, Come As You Are had THE most bonkers sale last month, so bonkers in fact that I drove all the way back to Toronto for it even though I was visiting my boyfriend in another city. I had no intention on really buying anything, because so many sales are advertised in such a generous way, only to be a disappointing 10% off in reality. But oh was I wrong. Between 30% off ALL sex toys & props, and their clearance bins with savings of up to 90% off, I was happy I made the trip. Come As You Are retails Sliquid in the range of $30, and, guys…


Review: LELO Ina 2

my tickle trunk lelo ina 2 review

As soon as I turned it on and watched that little clitoral arm twitch in a way I’d never seen, I knew LELO Ina 2 was going to give me an orgasm I’d never forget.

I’ve wanted the Ina for years – YEARS. When I got my first LELO toy to review ages ago (the Lily), I looked into this posh brand and practically burst with arousal at the site of Ina – the design, the colour, that playful curve – I needed it. So I was beyond excited when I was rewarded with one after winning an in-store raffle at Come As You Are one weekend!


Review: Intimate Earth “Daring” Lemongrass Anal Relaxant

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 2.00.40 AM

So, in the three months since I bought this, they’ve stopped making it. However Intimate Earth DOES make the exact same thing as a spray – I have the men’s version. Here is the women’s. Because maybe your anus is sexist.

I can’t write much about anal gel, I just can’t. I can’t frame it with pretty photography and talk about the pros and cons of a tiny little invention that you apply to your asshole to beat it into submission. But just in case you’re too damn lazy to read even a couple paragraphs, here’s the TLDR: if you have a finicky butt, use this!