Review: Big Oh! Box Q4 2016

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This review is so late that I’m truly ashamed, so a big shout out to Big Oh! Box for being patient with me and not throwing me into the fires of hell. Obviously you can’t get this specific box anymore, but much like my previous reviews of Big Oh!, I more aim to provide an idea of their selection and quality than I do to push certain products. That said, I’m going to do this a bit more in a review-style format, because I have feelings on certain products.

As mentioned before, the boxes seem to come with a built-in theme of the quarter, and this quarter’s theme was something I haven’t had much of a chance to explore: sensation play. It was packed in its usual plain black box with branded interior – which my cat once again fell in love with – and wrapped in their trademark red tissue paper. I haven’t subscribed to a subscription box for a while, but I really never get tired of feeling like I’m opening a present, which is a unique experience that Big Oh! Box continually provides over other guys.


Review: Bondage Toys

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Vague, right?

As I recently assembled What’s In My Tickle Trunk and linked to my own product reviews, I realized that I’ve reviewed jack-all of my own bondage collection. It’s not that I’m not into bondage, not at all, and you can see from my listed collection that this isn’t the case. It’s simply that most bondage items serve one specific purpose, and it really doesn’t seem worth my time to write such a small review, so I’ve taken 5 of my small items (mostly from when I was getting started) and packed them into a delightful bondage compendium! Let’s call this volume 1.