Review: LELO Ina 2

my tickle trunk lelo ina 2 review

As soon as I turned it on and watched that little clitoral arm twitch in a way I’d never seen, I knew LELO Ina 2 was going to give me an orgasm I’d never forget.

I’ve wanted the Ina for years – YEARS. When I got my first LELO toy to review ages ago (the Lily), I looked into this posh brand and practically burst with arousal at the site of Ina – the design, the colour, that playful curve – I needed it. So I was beyond excited when I was rewarded with one after winning an in-store raffle at Come As You Are one weekend!


Review: Bondage Toys

My Tickle Trunk Bondage Sex Toy Reviews Sportsheets Pipedream Whips Crop

Vague, right?

As I recently assembled What’s In My Tickle Trunk and linked to my own product reviews, I realized that I’ve reviewed jack-all of my own bondage collection. It’s not that I’m not into bondage, not at all, and you can see from my listed collection that this isn’t the case. It’s simply that most bondage items serve one specific purpose, and it really doesn’t seem worth my time to write such a small review, so I’ve taken 5 of my small items (mostly from when I was getting started) and packed them into a delightful bondage compendium! Let’s call this volume 1.


Guest Post: Dicks Are Weird

From time to time I want to inject another point of view into the blog, and allow someone else’s rambling thoughts to consume your time. This post comes from The Masturbatory Penguin who is one of my closest friends and an exceptionally talented writer who I’m pretty sure would eclipse me if I allowed her full reign around here. Enjoy!

Dicks are weird.

Male genitals were not designed with aesthetics in mind. Not that the average vagina is necessarily a work of art, but at least it tucks away neatly, leaving just a coy little mound to hint at the treasures within. The penis, not so much. It’s out there, front and centre, and it’s ready to party. Oh look! It even brought a couple friends!


Review: Blush Aria Hue G

Blush Hue G Review My Tickle Trunk

Ever since I confirmed my own existence of a G-spot last summer, I’ve been whoring around with every curved vibrating object that will fit in my vagina. Much like my cat’s fascination with his decorative genitals, I can’t seem to stay away from this seemingly new sensation (which will happen when the previous 27 years were clit-tastic), so when someone offers me a new G-spot toy, well, come on.

The Hue G by Blush combines many of my all-time favourites – G-spot action, fun colours, and a classic pun. That said, the pun doesn’t accurately reflect the Hue G – it is not, in fact, huge (GET IT?). This compact little G-spot vibe just has a way of narrowing in on the sweet spot without any extra bulk; very compact and flexible. It’s waterproof and made with body-safe silicone with surprisingly rumbly vibrations resonating all the way through the device – impressive for the little AAA batteries it sports.


Pleasure Panel Review: Bondara Enhancer Strap

Recently I had the honour of reviewing the Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap over on Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel! Here’s a taste, but you can check out the whole thing over there – enjoy!

Cara Sutra Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review My Tickle Trunk

A look at the enhancer strap conjured images of me bent over with my face in a pillow as he gripped on for dear life and pounded me with the vigor I’ve always wanted. I loved it. Doggy style is one of my favourite positions anyway, so allowing the opportunity to hand over even more control to my man was an exciting prospect that I eagerly awaited.


Review: Lustco ‘My Box’

Lustco My Box Review Sex Toy Subscription My Tickle Trunk

As you may remember, I met Luscto at the Toronto Everything To Do With Sex Show in October, and fell in love with the idea of a sex toy subscription box. Even better, they were Canadian – sign me up!

As it was explained to me at the show, $39.95 CAD a month (shipping included!) gets you 8-10 sex products that total a value of $125; this can include anything from toys and lube to games and props. It arrives a few days after its shipping date of the 15th every month in a plain cardboard box with discreet labelling.


How To Organize & Store Sex Toys

How To Store & Organize Sex Toys

Any sex toy blogger will confirm that as soon as companies start sending you stuff, you’re growing out of your toy box like it’s a pair of baby shoes. The first incarnation of my tickle trunk was a chic metal box from Homesense marked “Tools” that I thought was a clever disguise. Between you and I, I think my Dad might have gone in there while renovating my apartment, but I digress.

I recently upgraded to a new trunk that I can already see myself growing out of, but it’s so PRETTY that I just don’t care. I love to organize my hobbies and seeing a case of nicely displayed sex toys makes my heart skip a beat.


Review: LELO Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

Review: LELO Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

Anything sporting the LELO name can usually expect a resounding “yes!” from me. However their toy cleaner gets a pretty decent “yeah, alright”.

It’s not necessarily a flaw in their brand of this product, it’s just an entirely different kind of product (much like everything LELO sets their mind to). This toy cleaner has the unique feature of not requiring a rinse afterwards, making it ideal if you have flatmates who might not want your dildos air-drying next to the toothbrushes. When I first began looking into toy cleaners I was surprised to find that most of them require water, so when I found the LELO Toy Cleaner, I thought I had finally found what I wanted.


Review: California Exotics Entice Hope Vibrator

California Exotics Entice Hope Vibrator Egg Review

When browsing for new toys, I usually look for something I don’t yet have, and when I stumbled upon the Entice Hope vibe, I was intrigued with the idea of an egg-style vibe. Frequently my man will want to tease me or full on make me cum while doing so, and an egg with a long, corded remote seemed like the perfect tool to do so.

It’s feminine and colourful, with a hard plastic shell in deep purple, accented with metallic gold, and connected by a 2-foot cord. Some people don’t like the idea of a cord, but I don’t have any objections. What could I possibly be doing where 2 feet of give isn’t enough?
What surprised me is that it’s waterproof, so it didn’t fry when I washed the egg and cord with liberal soap & water. My innocence is still maintained by saving bath time for rubber ducks instead of rubber dildos, so being waterproof isn’t really my first priority.


everything to do with sex show 2015 toronto review

Highlights of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2015

Last year was my first year attending the Everything To Do With Sex Show and I think you can’t truly enjoy it until you’ve been more than once. As someone who’s more than comfortable with sex and the sex industry, I don’t think I fully understood what I was walking into then. I enjoyed it, but I think between a lack of money and a still relatively new boyfriend, I didn’t know what could be there for me. We did some seminars, which were interesting, but not the excitement you expect from a sex show.