5 Way Sex Toys Can Better Your Relationship

5 Way Sex Toys Can Better Your Relationship Lovedreamer My Tickle Trunk

There’s no doubt that sex toys lead to better sex, but sometimes the side effects of that better sex seep into your everyday life, resulting in a happier, more satisfied version of yourselves! If you’ve thought about giving sex toys a try, then I’ve got 5 good reasons to go for it!

Facilitates Communication
By broaching the topic of bringing toys into the bedroom, it forces both of you to ask some important questions, and allows you to be more organically open with each other about some subjects that may have been difficult to approach otherwise.


Make Me Feel Something

sensation play erotic story big oh box my tickle trunk

I wanted to feel something. Anything. It was why I went there that night, to the bar on the corner that I’d frequented so many times before, but I’m not sure why. Same beer, same music, same regulars; every night, the same people looking for the same thing – something different, in the same place.

He was different, though. I’d never seen his tattoos, his defined arms, his black hair contrasted against ice blue eyes. He was the only thing different in that entire place. We barely needed words; one drink, a brush of the arm, a grab of the ass, and here we are, with his hands around my wrists, pinned above my head, against his bedroom wall and thrusting into me with his kiss.


Is Virtual Reality The Next Step In Sex Toys?

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Porn as a concept is meant to tap into your deepest fantasies – threesomes, gangbangs, POV blowjobs – they’re all a part of fulfilling those deepest, darkest desires. The last few years have seen incredible growth in the world of virtual reality, with over 43 million VR users worldwide, so with this revolution well underway, of course porn-makers are taking advantage.

The first adult virtual realities began showing up in late 2014 and haven’t slowed down; with the limited technology at the time, videos were short and low-quality, but now…


Review: Blush Arielle

Blush Arielle Review My Tickle Trunk

The rabbit vibe is a sound concept – G-spot stimulation combined with some light clit-tickling is a recipe for an out-of-this-world orgasm. I’ve used some rabbit vibes with results ranging from life changing to blue balling, but the overall design has always lacked one capability: thrust.

See, that little “rabbit” tip is so precise and so dainty that you basically have to keep it on your clit the whole time to get any benefit from the vibe, and that’s fine. However once in a while I want the super-powerful orgasm of a rabbit combined with the pounding action that comes with thrust, and you just can’t do that without losing contact with your clit.


Review: Key by Jopen Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set

My Tickle Trunk Review My Bedroom Spice Key by Jopen Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set

I was not ready for this.

My Bedroom Spice sent me the Key by Jopen Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set months ago now, but I’ve been putting the review off so long. Why? I reviewed the Blush Bonne Beads as my first kegel ball set a while ago, and I figured, how do I review a product with the exact same principle, but set it apart?

Easily, as it turns out, because Jopen set Stella apart for me and made my job easy. Let me tell you, not all kegel balls are created equal.

They have the same principle – two balls, attached with a loop on the end, and weighted to provide a challenge to the kegel muscles. They’re also both pink, and that’s where the similarities end. Stella comes with 3 interchangeable kegel balls of adjustable weight, increasing difficulty – 30g, 40g, and 40g – and is made of pure silicone for a silky soft (and safe) feel. The weight is made up of internal floating metal balls to suspend the weight while keeping movement; they’re heavier, smoother, and the quality is worlds apart.


Review: Sliquid Naturals Lube Cube

Sliquid Naturals Lube Cube

Lube turns me on. It just does. I’ve had a long-running sexual fantasy involving a tarp and enough bottles of baby oil that I’m pretty it’d cause an accident, so it goes without saying that I like my sex wet. I want to hear it, feel it, taste it – and I’m glad to say that this pack from my favourite lube brand hits all five senses.

It’s no secret I love Sliquid, so let me give you the TL;DR of this review now: it’s awesome. What’s also awesome is a company who makes dozens of lube types AND has the consideration to say, “don’t waste your money on a whole bottle of something you don’t know” and instead packs an entire line of premium lube into a teeny little box.


Review: LELO Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

Review: LELO Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

Anything sporting the LELO name can usually expect a resounding “yes!” from me. However their toy cleaner gets a pretty decent “yeah, alright”.

It’s not necessarily a flaw in their brand of this product, it’s just an entirely different kind of product (much like everything LELO sets their mind to). This toy cleaner has the unique feature of not requiring a rinse afterwards, making it ideal if you have flatmates who might not want your dildos air-drying next to the toothbrushes. When I first began looking into toy cleaners I was surprised to find that most of them require water, so when I found the LELO Toy Cleaner, I thought I had finally found what I wanted.


Review: California Exotics Entice Hope Vibrator

California Exotics Entice Hope Vibrator Egg Review

When browsing for new toys, I usually look for something I don’t yet have, and when I stumbled upon the Entice Hope vibe, I was intrigued with the idea of an egg-style vibe. Frequently my man will want to tease me or full on make me cum while doing so, and an egg with a long, corded remote seemed like the perfect tool to do so.

It’s feminine and colourful, with a hard plastic shell in deep purple, accented with metallic gold, and connected by a 2-foot cord. Some people don’t like the idea of a cord, but I don’t have any objections. What could I possibly be doing where 2 feet of give isn’t enough?
What surprised me is that it’s waterproof, so it didn’t fry when I washed the egg and cord with liberal soap & water. My innocence is still maintained by saving bath time for rubber ducks instead of rubber dildos, so being waterproof isn’t really my first priority.