Review: Satisfyer 2

satisfyer 1 review my tickle trunk

With my lacklustre Satisfyer 1 experience, the Satisfyer 2 had me hopeful as the next in line for battery-powered clitoral stimulation. However, from the minute I hit the power button on this sleek, medical-looking device, I was sadly disappointed. It’s a sexy little thing; a piece that belongs anywhere from your nightstand to your medicine cabinet, with a long, white appearance that could blend in as a simple ear thermometer. This Satisfyer has the distinct feature of being the only model with 3 buttons – one for power, and two for intensity control. I do like the idea of separate controls, since bypassing your preferred setting can be a real pain in the ass when you need to cycle through all the modes just to find it again. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on what I’d say is the least satisfying Satisfyer there is.


Make Me Feel Something

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I wanted to feel something. Anything. It was why I went there that night, to the bar on the corner that I’d frequented so many times before, but I’m not sure why. Same beer, same music, same regulars; every night, the same people looking for the same thing – something different, in the same place.

He was different, though. I’d never seen his tattoos, his defined arms, his black hair contrasted against ice blue eyes. He was the only thing different in that entire place. We barely needed words; one drink, a brush of the arm, a grab of the ass, and here we are, with his hands around my wrists, pinned above my head, against his bedroom wall and thrusting into me with his kiss.


Review: Blush Arielle

Blush Arielle Review My Tickle Trunk

The rabbit vibe is a sound concept – G-spot stimulation combined with some light clit-tickling is a recipe for an out-of-this-world orgasm. I’ve used some rabbit vibes with results ranging from life changing to blue balling, but the overall design has always lacked one capability: thrust.

See, that little “rabbit” tip is so precise and so dainty that you basically have to keep it on your clit the whole time to get any benefit from the vibe, and that’s fine. However once in a while I want the super-powerful orgasm of a rabbit combined with the pounding action that comes with thrust, and you just can’t do that without losing contact with your clit.