Review: Big Oh! Box Q4 2016

big oh! box sex toy subscription my tickle trunk review

This review is so late that I’m truly ashamed, so a big shout out to Big Oh! Box for being patient with me and not throwing me into the fires of hell. Obviously you can’t get this specific box anymore, but much like my previous reviews of Big Oh!, I more aim to provide an idea of their selection and quality than I do to push certain products. That said, I’m going to do this a bit more in a review-style format, because I have feelings on certain products.

As mentioned before, the boxes seem to come with a built-in theme of the quarter, and this quarter’s theme was something I haven’t had much of a chance to explore: sensation play. It was packed in its usual plain black box with branded interior – which my cat once again fell in love with – and wrapped in their trademark red tissue paper. I haven’t subscribed to a subscription box for a while, but I really never get tired of feeling like I’m opening a present, which is a unique experience that Big Oh! Box continually provides over other guys.


Make Me Feel Something

sensation play erotic story big oh box my tickle trunk

I wanted to feel something. Anything. It was why I went there that night, to the bar on the corner that I’d frequented so many times before, but I’m not sure why. Same beer, same music, same regulars; every night, the same people looking for the same thing – something different, in the same place.

He was different, though. I’d never seen his tattoos, his defined arms, his black hair contrasted against ice blue eyes. He was the only thing different in that entire place. We barely needed words; one drink, a brush of the arm, a grab of the ass, and here we are, with his hands around my wrists, pinned above my head, against his bedroom wall and thrusting into me with his kiss.


Review: Big Oh! Box + Booty Box

my tickle trunk review big oh! box booty subscription

Big Oh! Box has thrown their hat into the adult subscription box game and they’ve done so with class and diverse, sex-positive options. In their subscription service, you will have the choice between “With Oh! Friend” and “Sol-Oh!” – boxes tailored for partnered and individual use, respectively. Following this selection, you get to customize your box by choosing your pleasure; dual stimulation, vibrator, back door, or male stroker – I really love their level of customization, and not restricting it to a specific gender.


Review: Lustco ‘My Box’

Lustco My Box Review Sex Toy Subscription My Tickle Trunk

As you may remember, I met Luscto at the Toronto Everything To Do With Sex Show in October, and fell in love with the idea of a sex toy subscription box. Even better, they were Canadian – sign me up!

As it was explained to me at the show, $39.95 CAD a month (shipping included!) gets you 8-10 sex products that total a value of $125; this can include anything from toys and lube to games and props. It arrives a few days after its shipping date of the 15th every month in a plain cardboard box with discreet labelling.


everything to do with sex show 2015 toronto review

Highlights of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2015

Last year was my first year attending the Everything To Do With Sex Show and I think you can’t truly enjoy it until you’ve been more than once. As someone who’s more than comfortable with sex and the sex industry, I don’t think I fully understood what I was walking into then. I enjoyed it, but I think between a lack of money and a still relatively new boyfriend, I didn’t know what could be there for me. We did some seminars, which were interesting, but not the excitement you expect from a sex show.