Review: Blush Villain Audre

my tickle trunk blush villain audre review

Given the slew of glowing reviews that Audre by Blush Novelties has collected, I’m surprised with my level of disappointment that I have to write something even less than immaculate.

It was a beauty. I had of course seen photos of the Parisian-style packaging that embraced the clean, soft silicone form (primarily because mine took a month to ship). Vibrating G-spot toys may not be my drug of choice these days, but I do love a good one to dabble with once in a while, and I can’t deny that with the right clitoral stimulation, they get the job done.


My First Time: Anal Sex

my tickle trunk first time anal sex buzzfeed chart

This is not the tale of how someone fucked my ass. It’s the long story of how I got there, because for some of us, it is a long journey. But spoiler alert: I get my butt fucked.

I sometimes forget that in the sexual scope of things, I’m relatively new to anal play. With the exception of an experiment using the tip of a broomstick once as a teenager, my first real encounter with assplay came from my current relationship, less than 2 years ago, on a night when we went and bought His & Her’s butt plugs. Seriously. His was purple, mine was black (this was so long ago that I still thought black was a “cool & unique” sex toy colour)


Review: Simon Peg by Holepunch Toys

my tickle trunk simon peg hole punch toys review

How could I resist the chance to say that I fucked Simon Peg(g)?

Browsing through Hole Punch Toys’ website, it was hard to choose just one unique, platinum cure silicone toy – carrot butt plugs, spaceship dildos, little butt radishes – but the name alone stood out to me, in addition to a pegging-friendly shape. Simon Peg comes in blue, purple, black, and pink – which I have – but not only is the in-person colour more vibrant, it also falls a bit more on the side of neon red than pink (which I prefer)


My Second Sex Club: Club M4

club m4 menage a quatre my tickle trunk review oasis

Not a motorway, not a BMW, but a sex club.

M4 (occasionally referred to as Menage a Quatre) is a lifestyle club in Etobicoke (just outside Toronto). Much like Oasis, it is a sex-positive environment that encourages consensual intimacy among open-minded individuals and couples. However, unlike Oasis, this particular atmosphere is geared a little more towards the swinging lifestyle.

The Mr. and I have toyed with the idea of trying out Club M4 for a while – primarily because well… it cheap, we poor. I loved Oasis, but the price was already a bit steep ($80/couple on weekends) before they jacked the price up to $95/couple, so we wanted to explore more affordable options for a casual night out. Once you get an annual membership ($20), admission ranges from $20-$50 per couple, and with drink prices coming in on the lower end of average, it’s definitely the more affordable option. However, with a more accessible price range comes a very different audience from the upscale Oasis Aqualounge.


Review: Tantus Sport

my tickle trunk tantus sport dildo review

I must admit, I wanted to hate on this little guy, and I fully expected to find it boring and small. I didn’t even buy the Tantus Sport for myself – I bought it for my boyfriend, thinking small and sleek was a butt’s best friend (we didn’t know his bonkers anal aptitude at this time), but he prefers toys without a bulbous head, so I was left to take in the orphaned dildo.

It has a wee 5.5” in length, a modest girth of 1.25” and as you can imagine, is perfect for butts… but more on that in a moment. First, I want to talk about how this little dude wormed his way into my heart, and my nightstand.


Review: Lovehoney Desire Rechargeable Clitoral Vibe

my tickle trunk lovehoney desire clitoral vibe review

I’ve wanted a new clit vibe for years, ever since I sent my LELO Lily for warranty repairs and UPS lost it on its return trip (surprise!). So many vibrators marketed for clitoral use are bullet based, and I’m sorry but that’s cheating; bullets do so little for me, especially if I’m doing clit-only stimulation. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, or give me pill-sized batteries and call it a sex toy.

I prefer my clit vibes to be “clit shaped” in the sense that it’s molded to conform to the contours of the vulva and pelvic bone around your clitoris. See, sometimes I’ll masturbate a little weird; I’ll do it standing up, leaning forward over a dresser or counter, allowing my body weight to fall onto my right hand in an effort to get amazing pressure. This is how I started masturbating, and strangeness be damned, I can’t knock the 30-seconds-or-it’s-free orgasm guarantee that this method seems to uphold. So when I say I want a clit vibe, I mean that I was something that will fit perfectly into a cupped hand, provide moderate pinpoint pressure, and buzz its little heart out as I bear down with the pressure of my body weight. My Lily was great for this…


Review: Spartacus Red Leather Heart Bat

my tickle trunk Spartacus Red Leather Heart Bat review

I’m already the proud owner of a riding crop. I love the look of a crop; the image of authority it brings, the power, and the stings that sears itself into your skin with each gasping blow. But as I stood in the bondage section of a local sex shop, holding the Spartacus Red Leather Heart Bat, it awoke a new disciplinary urge in me. My boyfriend was bouncing around between floggers and ball gags and nipple clamps (oh my), while I just stood in place, staring at this beautiful symbol of sexuality and control, gripping its rigid form in my hand.


Masturbation Month Giveaway!

my tickle trunk come as you are giveaway masturbation monthHappy Masturbation Month! I hope you’ve been celebrating accordingly.

I love masturbating, which is a damned good thing because in case you haven’t noticed, I have to do a lot of it. And it’s so much more than a sex substitute; there are times when I’m horny, but it’s not for sex. Sometimes what I need is a romp with the best sex I’ve ever had – me. And incorporating toys into that lifestyle brings it to a whole new level with all the forms of stimulation you can experieince – clitoral, vaginal, anal, prostate, penile, nipple, etc. etc.


Review: California Exotics Impress Dove


When Gimmicks Bomb
I’m all for reinventing the wheel… as long as it’s not replaced with a hedgehog. Every once in a while a perfectly fine piece of equipment like a microwave or a mobile phone will come out with a feature that makes it SO different, but that model will crash and burn because this new little gimmick basically ruined everything else about it that was functioning just as it was.

Enter the (un)Impress Dove. I find Cal Exotics can be hit or miss, but this one emerged from my Big Oh! Box, a vision of silky smooth silicone in a beautiful robin’s egg blue, promising a unique dual-stimulation experience with its delicate little tulip arm for clitoral pleasure. An insertable 4.25” is adorned with an external stimulator and 12 functions for vibration and pulsation between its two motors. Taking it out the box, my hand * squished * on part of the handle and I was taken aback before allowing a second look at the box. “Pressure Sensitive Control” – was that what this plush pocket of air was? A look through the directions gave me no specific indication, so one could only assume. After the 3 seconds of “oh that’s a cool idea” I began to think “so… I have to keep my thumb in the same spot with the same pressure while I’m getting off?” – already this seemed like a bad idea.


Review: Tantus Uncut #1

my tickle trunk tantus uncut #1 review

The Uncut #1 is my fantasy dildo. When I’m feeling the need to be absolutely stuffed to the gills with cock, I reach for my #1 and large bottle of lube; add a butt plug and you could serve me at Thanksgiving.

I scored my Tantus Uncut #1 in Mocha at the previously mentioned Come As You Are sale, when a Ziploc-wrapped enigma dropped into the discount bin, and its little bounce on landing set off my dildo radar. Sure enough, a floor model version of a glorious, black, uncircumcised penis lay within the plastic bag, adorned with an equally glorious $20 price tag. I recognized the unique design immediately and snapped it up with fervor.